Creating a new way to order samples

Who was it for?
Aristide | while employed at Open Up Media
What did I do?
All programming and technical conversion

The story

Aristide went from a rather simple to a full-blown interactive website in a rather short period of time. This is, in fact, the 3rd iteration of the website. And it still uses the same data and functionality as the first iteration, all thanks to the flexibility that Drupal has to offer.

The original version, which we also created, looked like this.

The first iteration with a virtual Aristide Wall

And at Open Up Media we transformed it into this.

The third iteration of Aristide with a new design

Funny thing about this all is that despite being a bit less creative the site has become much more usable. It has become much easier to navigate. Moreover, for the first time, it can also be used on smartphones, which means that you now can order samples right from your phone.

Technical details

The website was built on Drupal 7 using various contrib and custom written modules. I also made extensive use of jQuery and AJAX, and wrote a couple custom libraries that helped us deliver the final product. Front-end theming was done using the Open Up Media base theme called Breeze, which uses SASS for CSS compilation.

Visit the new website