A small encyclopedia for medical practitioners

Who was it for?
Medics4medics | while employed at Open Up Media
What did I do?
All programming and technical conversion

Tricky menus

Medics4Medics was a tricky one. We had to create a site with a gigantic menu structure. Nearly every single page had to be added to the main menu. The question was: how can we make it so that visitors can easily understand, access and find pages on a deeper level?

Lance to the rescue! My fellow designer colleague created a mockup with the concept of a grid menu. Depending on the device you're visiting the website on, the menu will present itself as a responsive grid with a varying amount of columns. Now, that may be all nice and dandy, but how can we implement that on the front-end side, especially considering it is all responsive, even the levels below?

And there it is, say hi to jQuery Grid Menu, a custom-built jQuery plugin which allows for multi-level menus to be rendered in a grid. On Medics4Medics it looks like this:

The newly built jQuery Grid Menu for Medics4Medics

As you can see on the detail pages there is a breadcrumb with a dropdown as well. It is powered by another custom written Drupal module which you can find over here.

A custom Drupal module especially created for handy breadcrumb dropdown menus

You can play with both of these concepts over here:

Visit the new website